Admiral Ikey Von Wigglebutt, “Ike”

By March 24, 2017 Pet Memorials

Ike was rescued from Michigan Animal Rescue League when he was 3 months old. He was supposed to just be a foster pup in our home, but the minute his paws touched the ground we knew he wasn’t going anywhere. Though he was born deaf, nothing could dampen the spirit of our happy boy. Through the years he was an ambassador in our home, taking in our human children as our family grew, giving up his bed for tiny kittens when we added cats to our family, and guiding other foster dogs that stayed with us. He taught our kids, Lily and Conner, so much about unconditional love and patience. He would sit with them forever and “listen” to them read stories to him. He proudly showed off the costumes they dressed him in. Neither of them could ever get out the front door without Ike first getting his morning hug and kiss. They have never known life without him, and they are missing him terribly.  Ike never met a stranger, and could barely stand when greeting someone because he was wiggling so much. His goofy face brought smiles to everyone who saw him, and his sweet disposition brought comfort to all. Ike battled quite a few different medical issues in his golden years, but through it all, he never stopped wiggling. We finally had to let our sweet 11 year old boy go when it became clear that lymphoma had taken over his body. Our gentle giant was peacefully and humanely euthanized in our arms at home. Thank you to everyone who loved him so much along with us. He loved you all right back.

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